aBUNdance Acres Farm - Phill and Judy Osborn English Shepherd Dogs & Giant/French Angora Rabbits
aBUNdance Acres Farm - Phill and Judy OsbornEnglish Shepherd Dogs & Giant/French Angora Rabbits


Drop Spindle Kits    $20.00 Plus Shipping


1 Spindle

Wool for Spinning

Felting Kits               $25.00 Plus Shipping


Foam Board

Felting Needle

Felting Wool

Felted Dryer Balls         $20.00 Plus Shipping


4 Felted Balls

Used in the dryer to reduce drying time

Helps eliminant wrinkles

Nesting Material            $3.00 Plus Shipping


2 ounces of Angora cut to short pieces

Add to a Does nestbox to keep the kits warm in winter

Put some vanilla on the does nose

The Doe will not know it's from another rabbit

Where to Find Us:

aBUNdance Acres


Phill and Judy Osborn
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Cell 301-676-0539



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